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Featured Artist Cassandra Kellogg

Cassandra Kellogg

MINIMALE ANIMALE is the debut swimwear collection from designer/stylist Cassandra Kellogg, whose sexy, bare-much creations have been featured twice in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as in magazines like Exit, Foam, Esquire (UK) and Self Service. With head-turning details like mesh tops, high-cut legs, low-slung bottoms and plunging necklines, ANIMALES’ collection is, in Kellogg’s words, “not for the timid.”  Says the designer: “The collection is for confident, young-at-heart women who aren’t afraid of wearing something striking, and also for those who embrace their natural beauty and are comfortable in their own skin.” During design school, Kellogg taught herself how to make swimwear and started wearing her own spandex creations to music festivals, surf spots, and about the town. After designing suits for Ashley Paige and Roxy, Kellogg decided to launch her own line. Kellogg says that as a child she was “obsessed with all things associated with the ocean” and “never wanted to leave the beach.”  Now, she’s translated her obsession into MINIMALE ANIMALE, a line destined for mainstream by way of edgy, sexy, fashion-forward cuts, the line is definitely poised to turn up the heat.

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