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Featured Artist Emilie Odeile

Emilie Odeile

Emilie Odeile, the owner & designer of artstring BOUTIQUE , a knitwear design house and showroom located in the heart of Hollywood, is obsessed with the art of knitting. Odeile spent nearly a decade transforming balls of yarn into unique clothing & art before opening the boutique in April, 2010. While her work has been seen strutting down both New York & Los Angeles runways (NYFW & LAFW 2010, w/ Ashton Michael Clothing) and has also appeared in a number of films, commercials, and television shows, Odeile can typically be found quietly knitting away, alone in the privacy of her studio wonderland, surrounded by rainbows of yarn, luxurious knits, and even a flying mannequin. Once a month, she emerges from her colorful shell to share used needles & tricks of the trade with hookers of all ages at artstring's Knit Night, a modern day knitting bee.

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